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FAQ - Enviroment

How do submit my water meter readings?
Övertorneå municipality sends out forms to every household in the municipal yearly. Fill it out and send it back to us in order to register your water meter readings. It’s critical that you fill in the card and return it to us in order to get the correct preliminary charge for next year. More information on water and sewers can be found on Övertorneå municipalitys Environmental and Building webpage.


After spring-cleaning we are left with a huge amount of waste and environmentally hazardous waste, what do I do with it?
Coarse waste and hazardous waste are recycled at Orjasjärvi Recycling Center. Garbage, furniture, metal scrap, lamp bulbs and batteries are some of the waste you can throw away at the recycling center. More information on which waste you can dispose of in the ordinary bin and the municipal waste collection tours is available on the Environment webpage.


I want to recycle newspapers, leaflets, tetra packs and cartons. Where can I do it?
At the recycling stations you can leave magazines and packages of plastic, paper, metal and glass. In Övertorneå municipality there are seven places for residents to leave their recycling.

The municipality is not responsible for recycling stations. It’s the Packaging and Newspaper Collection, FTI. If you see a recycling station that needs cleaning or where containers need to be emptied call FTI customer service on phone: +462 00 - 88 88 11.


Who is responsible for snow removal in the municipality?
The technical unit at Övertorneå municipality is responsible for snow removal on the municipal roads. The municipal roads are located within the densely populated areas. The Swedish Transport Administration manages Matarengivägen (road 401), road 99, the roads towards Kalix, Överkalix, Korpilombolo, Ohtanajärvi and many more country roads. Trafikverket procures contractors for operations and maintenance work. Read more about snow removal on Trafikverket's website. 


I’ve picked up after my dog on our daily walk, where can I throw the dog poop?
If your dog pollutes at sports grounds, campsites, walking and cycling routes, parks or plantations and tracked sports tracks, you as a pet owner are obliged to remove the pollution. There are about 20 bins in different locations in the central area. Dog bags should be thrown in these, not in the usual trash baskets.

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